【Congratulations】Baoguang Vacuum Interrupter Won 2017 MEI Awards-Electrical & Electronics-Excellence Award

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Recently, it is learned from the organizing committee of Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Awards (MEI Awards) that Shaanxi Baoguang vacuum interrupter won 2017 MEI Awards-Electrical & Electronics-Excellence Award.

MEI Awards is an annual contest for industrial products co-hosted by Made-in-China.com and Trade Development & Cooperation Center of CCPIT. It is known as Oscar in China manufacturing industry officially launched in 2011 and held per annum facing to all Chinese products. By public evaluation, it aims to bring excellent products that can represent the modern China manufacturing level to the public, tap the new value of Made-in-China, encourage the industry innovation and revolution and truly help improve the brand added-value of Made-in-China. The Awards are presented by comprehensive evaluation from such aspects of product quality, product innovation, market and social value. Awarded products will be promoted with all possible channels in both domestic and overseas markets without charges by organizations like Made-in-China.com and CCPIT. It is also a beneficial trial to improve the product image of Made-in-China, to break down the existing prejudice of cheap, low quality, and to make the whole world perceive the quality of Chinese products, the power of Chinese design and the strength of Chinese manufacturing enterprises.    

2017 MEI Awards took 2 months long to do evaluation by the professional judge group. Finally 53 products were outstood from 4309 entries of 13 groups and given by Top, Excellence and Individual awards. By passing preliminary assessment, re-evaluation and declaration processes, Baoguang VI finally won Electrical & Electronics-Excellence Award. This award is not only an affirmation on Baoguang craftsman spirit of continuous innovation and keeping improvement, but also will improve Baoguang corporate image and win widely popularity and reputation. 


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