Ceramic Products

Corundum-mullite products: this product is made of corundum-mullite through high pressure molding and high temperature sintering with features of high temperature resistance, wear-resisting performance, excellent thermal stability and long service life. It is widely applied in high temperature refractory materials, high temperature kiln tools (sagger, push board, shed board), various high frequency furnace, high temperature heating tube etc. Silicon carbide furnace lining: this product takes silicon carbide as the main material and is made by high temperature sintering. It is with simple structure and easily to be connected and installed and has high thermal shock resistance that can bear 500℃/min in a short time. With high strength, high hardness, wear resistance under high temperature, long service life, good thermal conductivity, it can largely save energy and shorten maintenance time. It is widely applied in automobile, tractor, bicycle, tools manufacturing,heat treatmentinother metal parts industries and forging tools. Ceramic products: this kind of product has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high hardness, high mechanical strength, excellent insulation, strong thermal shock resistance, excellent air tightness and so on. It is widely used in electronics, machinery, textile, automobile, chemical, metallurgy, instruments, meters, navigation, aerospace and other equipment parts, insulation parts, wear-resistant parts, crucible, nozzle and ball milling porcelain ball.

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